Ms.Tookie Foy Full Of Joy

My son and me

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Hi,my name is Antoinette and my son name is Antoine.And i was just sitting on my sofa saying to myself my son is 13 and he is a really big guy he does not want to play football are anything.Plus I think i am sexy all day long but I can lose some weight to.So Antoine and I are going to start at the gym so we can work out together.Because everybody in our family was big and tall.My father died at 41because he waited the late to start eating right and execise.So I am going to start spending more time with my kids running and playing and having fun.I have a daughter name kahlien she runs and play all day outside.But her brother is not a outside person.So I ask him do you like your body and he said I dont care mom.But he wears this jacket to school…

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Author: tookiefoy

Well my names is Ms. Tookie Foy full of Joy I have two kids and I like to go to the movies, dancing, and taking long walking in the park

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