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These boots are made for lovin’

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The Merrymakers

TheMerrymakers©_IsabelMarantBoots_1TheMerrymakers©_Fashionblog_AntwerpTheMerrymakers©_IsabelMarantBoots_2IsabelMarant_Duotone_Boots_TheMerrymakers©_1TheMerrymakers©_Fashionblog_Antwerp_2You know what I love about the sales period in Belgium, every single time there’s a great surprise waiting around the corner. This time I accidentally visited the shoe shop of Graanmarkt 13 called Komedieplaats 5 because my friend Valentine is working there. At first the final sales sign didn’t caught my eye till the last pair (my size, yihaa!) of these beautiful Isabel Marant boots was staring at me. I thought about it for 15 minutes but in my head the decision had already been made… there’s one important rule: you should never ignore first love at final sales sight! 

Wearing: knit – H&M, skirt – Zara, thights – American Apparel, boots – Isabel Marant

Pictures by deloin

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Author: tookiefoy

Well my names is Ms. Tookie Foy full of Joy I have two kids and I like to go to the movies, dancing, and taking long walking in the park

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